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Two full color print issues that includes the Recruiting Issue and our 25th year Anniversary Issue delivered to your home or business.  You will also receive 24/7 members only access to Horns Illustrated digital that is updated often daily, Invitation to a private Facebook group, Horns Illustrated weekly recap (a digital mini magazine), and access to exclusive photos taken from inside the action on the field, court and stadiums.

25th Year Anniversary

2 Issues (Full Color) Print Magazines

This year is the 25th year of Horns Illustrated.  Be a part of the action with the Fall Football Preview. 

Plus in early April, we will deliver the Spring Recruiting Issue.


Horns Illustrated magazine is the ONLY print magazine 100% dedicated to Texas Longhorns Sports.


Plus, the full color photos bring you up close in the action


Imaging being only feet away from all the action. 

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Horns Illustrated Digital (updated often, daily) gives you the latest exclusive insights such as player interviews, photos, behind the scenes look at what happened at the games, and of course great sports writing.


Our professional sports writers capture a perspective of the game you will not find elsewhere. We are on campus!


You will get members only login access to Horns Illustrated content for 24/7. 


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Longhorns fans are engaged, active and vocal.  You are going to see things and hear things that nobody else will.


This is a private Facebook group and it's exclusive.


In 2018, 6.2 million Texas Longhorns fans saw Horns Illustrated.

Meet other fans who bleed orange and have their HornsUp!


Engage, post, comment and share with other Longhorns Fans from all 50 states and around the world.  

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Get the highlights each week of Texas Longhorns Sports action and insights you won't get anywhere else. See behind the scenes and stay up today. 


Delivered to your inbox as a digital mini magazine (pdf) that you can view and/or print.


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High resolution Longhorns Sports in Vivid Color

Our photographers are literally feet away from all the action.


You get exclusive photos nobody you will not see anywhere else.    

Imagine being only feet away as a Longhorn dives into the end zone, dunks the ball, or scores a point.  It's Amazing!


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A Horns Illustrated Gift can be sent to their home or business address.  US addresses only.  


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